Frequently Asked Questions


When was the Bank established?

Abay Bank was officially established on July 14th 2010 and started operation on November 4, 2010.



Why you name it Abay Bank?

The Great Abay River is a dramatic spectacle and a symbol of natural strength and grandeur. It is not only a magnificent sight to visit, but also a river with immense potential for our country’s development.This tremendous natural strength similarly explains why we are named Abay.



Where are the Locations of Abay Bank?

Jomo Kenyata Avenue, in front of NOC Gas Station, Zequala Complex Building



What kinds of Services the Bank Offer?



What makes Abay Bank Unique from other Banks?



Does Abay Bank provide international money transfer service?

Yes, Abay Bank is an agent for various international money transfer services such as Western union, MoneyGram, Xpress money, Trans-Fast, Ria, Dahabshiil and Irmaan.



How many shareholders the Bank Has?

The Bank has around 3,700 shareholders.



Does the Bank have given dividend to its shareholders?

Yes, starting from the 2012 fiscal year



How much is the Bank Shares par value?

One share par value is Birr 1,000.00



How many shares can someone purchase (Maximum and Minimum)?